January 21, 2023

Sugeun's Advanced Materials paper on solid-state reaction heterogeneity of high-nickel NCM is introduced in media.

대학지성 In & Out "서울대 연구팀, 나노 화학 이미징으로 리튬 이온 배터리 양극재 생산 및 성능 향상 이끌다 " [↗] 

October 8, 2022

Junyeob and Dongok's Nature Communications paper on lithium metal electrode is introduced in media.

YTN Science "서울대 연구진, 차세대 리튬금속 배터리 성능 향상 연구 결과" [↗] 

December 17, 2021

Helmholtz Center Munich (BESSY synchrotron research institute) interviewed Juwon, Danwon, Bonho, and Jongwoo about our science using x-ray microscopy for lithium-ion battery research.

HZB blog science "Korean Scientist test the brand-new MYSTIIC " [↗] 

November 17, 2021

Samsung SDI has signed an agreement with Seoul National University on the SNU-Samsung SDI Battery Track (SSBT). 

중앙일보 "삼성 SDI-서울대, 손잡고 차세대 배터리 인재 양성 나선다" [↗] 

November 3, 2021

Hyudai Motors Group and SNU established Joint Research Center for future electric vehicle technology leadership. 

피엠타임즈 "현대차그룹-서울대학교, 배터리 공동연구센터 설립" [↗] 

March 3, 2021

Jian's Nature Catalysis paper on battery-OER catalysts is highlighted in the media.

매일경제 "국내 연구진, 수소 생산 위한 친환경 촉매 개발" [↗] 

October 6, 2020

Jongwoo is awarded "Samsung Research Funding & Incubation Center for Future Technology" for the idea of All-Solid-State-Batteries.

BiKorea "2020년 하반기 '삼성미래기술육성사업'지원 과제 선정" [↗] 

September 5, 2016

Jongwoo's Science paper on "operando lithium imaging" is introduced in media.

JBTC "툭하면 '방전'...스마트폰 배터리, 수명 연장 길 열려" [↗] 


January 2023 

Munsoo and Danwon's work on lithium carbonate decomposition in LIBs is now published on Journal of Power Sources.

Sugeun's Advanced Materials paper on solid-state reaction heterogeneity of  high-nickel NCM is highlighted in media.

December 2022 

Welcome back Juwon, Danwon, Chihyun. They successfully performed in-situ Li-ion battery imaging at ALS, Berkeley.

German-Korean Joint Virtual Workshop was organized. Short lectures on current topics in electrochemistry research were successfully held.

Welcome back Bonho and Jinkyu. They successfully performed in-situ solid-state battery imaging at BESSY, Germany.

Sugeun's work on Solid-state reaction heterogeneity during calcination is now published on Advanced Materials.

November 2022 

LG Energy Solution and Seoul National University established Joint Research Center at SNU for analysis on state-of-art battery technologies.

September 2022 

Excited to host world-leading battery researchers for SNU-Samsung SDI Colloquium, which Jongwoo organized with prof. Kisuk Kang. It is going to be held every Monday this Fall semester. Please refer to for detailed info. 

August 2022 

Hwiho's work on high temperature storage of ASSBs is now published on Applied Physics Review. 

Junyeob and Dongok's  work on localized high concentration electrolytes is published on Nature Communications. Their work is highlighted in the media.

Welcome back Bonho, Jinkyu, Jeongho, Subin and Sebastian. They successfully performed in-situ solid-state battery imaging and electrocatalysis at CLS, Canada. 

July 2022 

Welcome Dr. Sebastian Kunze! He enthusiastically joins the team for his postdoctoral research after completing his Ph.D. in Germany. 

May 2022 

Welcome back Juwon, Danwon, Chihyun. They successfully performed in-situ Li-ion battery imaging at ALS, Berkeley.

April 2022 

Welcome back! Sugeun, Hwiho, Sungjae, and Inhyeok successfully performed "High nickel NMC battery projects" at Brookhaven National Lab in New York, the US for three weeks. What can we say? Their results seem golden and astonishing. We hope their wild journey is well paid off!

Congratulations to Yongjoon! His work with Sookmyung women's university on phonon transport in silicon nanostructures is published in NPG Asia Materials! 

March 2022 

Welcome Karl! Finally, he arrived at SNU and joined the team. The electrocatalysis expert will continue working on electrochemical CO2 conversion :). 

January 2022 

Bonho, Juwon, Jinkyu, Danwon, and Jeongho successfully carried out in situ lithium imaging project at ALS, U.S. for three weeks. Now safely arrived at SNU. Welcome back!

Congratulations Jian! He started his own research lab as an assistant professor at City University of Hong Kong!

November 2021

Welcome back!  Danwon, Bonho, Juwon and Chihyun successfully carried out "in-situ lithium imaging projects" at BESSY, Germany for three weeks. Now safely arrived at SNU:) Their journey to Berlin and science story were very special and are now published on Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin website.  

October 2021

Congratulations to Jeongwoo and team! Their work on silicon oxide anode is accepted to ACS AM&I! Now it appears online.

Congratulations to Hyejeong and co-authors on publishing their fast battery charging project in Advanced Materials. Now it appears online.    

May 2021

Jian's paper with Tianjin University is published in Nature Energy.   

March 2021

Jian's paper covers Nature Catalysis. See March Issue of Nature Catalysis.

Congratulations to Bonho on the admission to second stage of Global PhD Fellowship (GPF)!

Congratulations to Jian and co-authors on publishing their OER work in Nature Catalysis! Find the paper here and media coverages here. 

Munsoo, Jeongho, and Ikcheon joined the group as graduate students. Welcome! 

February 2021

Yongjoon and Donghyuk completed their M.S. degree successfully. Congratulations!   

October 2020

Congratulations to the team! We are launching a new exciting project on all-solid-state-batteries, which is supported by Samsung Research Funding & Incubation Center for Future Technology. Very Exciting!  

August 2020

Dr. Jian Wang won SNU SCIENCE FELLOWSHIP! Congratulations!   

April 2020

Bonho safely arrived from MIT after a 2-month collaboration. Welcome back!   

March 2020

Jun Yeob joined the group. Welcome!   

January 2020

Jinkyu, Bonho, Juwon won an "Outstanding Poster Award" in 2020 KECS Physical Electrochemistry Winter Symposium.